Dog Training in Hernando County Florida

Proper training is the cornerstone to a happy, healthy, confident dog as well as its owner.  Dog training allows the owner to set proper boundaries for behavior and gives the dog something to work for.  Nearly all dog breeds were bred for a particular job or task, and many enjoy doing the work to please their owners.  We teach you how to turn that working drive into fun play exercises that teach your dog structured obedience and beyond if you so desire.

Dogs excel in a pack structure environment and are looking to you to be their leader.  When they don’t receive the proper leadership from you, they will ultimately believe that they must step up and be the leader of the pack then, which creates turmoil in the household.  New Sentry K9 in Brooksville FL will help with all of your dog training needs.  We serve dog training clients locally from Spring Hill and Brooksville and even up from Tampa FL.

Our trainers instruct you on how to handle and train your dog. This will reward you with a close bond between yourself and your dog. The techniques taught will aide you when problems arise during training exercises. We will show you different training theories, tactics and applications of utilizing training methods. We will also show you the importance of paying close attention to detail during training exercises and how to modify behavior problems.

We are also AKC Certified trainers and offer AKC K9 Good Citizen evaluation and training.  Once your dog successfully passes the CGC testing criteria, they will be awarded a certificate and their official AKC CGC title.

AKC CGC Evaluator

We train dogs in the following areas:

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

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